Genetic Identification

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DNA methylation

From whole genome studies to quantitative customised analysis

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Increase gene discovery from blood.

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Custom SNP Genotyping

Investigate pharmacogenetic variations with SNP genotyping

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Genotyping By Sequencing

Large scale discovery and genotyping of genetic polymorphisms for all species.

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Quality accredited exome sequencing

Reliable data for research and a molecular diagnostics reporting pipeline.


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Discovery and identification of the unique biodiversity in Pilbara

07 September 2016

The Pilbara region in Western Australia has some of the world’s most ancient natural landscapes, dating back two billion years and stretching over 400,000 square kilometres.  Recognised as the ideal site to discover ancient fauna, Western Australia offers a unique opportunity to study, discover and identify new species, both terrestrial and marine.

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Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Level 13 of the VCCC building is a brand new home to AGRF and world-class research agencies.

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